Code Enforcement Map

Cited Violations

Property maintenance violations in Missouri City are inspected by code enforcement officers who proactively inspect their assigned areas in the city as well as respond to citizen concerns received about code violations.
Code enforcement officers are citing residents directly to Municipal Court for these five violations: 
  • Damaged pool fences
  • Dirty pools
  • High grass or weeds
  • Junk vehicles
  • Parking on the grass
  • Trash cans bags left out in the public view before 6:00 pm the day before or the day after pick up

Code Enforcement Map

Check out the code enforcement status map for the code violation investigations. When you click a circle on the map, it will take you through the block number, street, type, and status of the violation and the name of the code enforcement officer who cited the property.

Report A Violation

You may call the Code Enforcement Hot Line at 281.403.8560 to report a suspected code violation. All concerns received are inspected by code enforcement officers to establish the existence of a violation prior to pursuing any other action.

You may choose to remain anonymous; however, if you provide a name and contact information, the designated code enforcement officer will contact you to provide a status update of any action taken after the inspection is completed.