Outdoor Recreation

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Missouri City is home to almost 400 acres of parkland, including lakes, natural surface trails, observation tower, fishing piers, and two public boat launches. With so many natural resources, Missouri City Parks and Recreation continues to develop and expand outdoor and natural recreational opportunities.

Outdoor Recreation opportunities in Missouri City include kayaking, boating, hiking, biking, trails, fishing, birding, wildlife viewing, skateboarding, disc golf, kiting, geocaching, archery and more! These activities are healthy lifelong leisure activities that can be pursued at any age and foster a sense of connection to nature. With the natural infrastructure of Missouri City, these activities provide social, personal, economic and environmental benefits for all enthusiasts.
Take aim at Missouri City's Archery Program! Beginner Archery, Explore Archery, Junior Olympic Archery Development Program, and Archery workshops are offered throughout the year. Check out our archery page for additional info and upcoming programs!


Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt! People hide geocaches everywhere—from just down the street to the most remote wilderness areas. Many are hidden in Missouri City parks. Each treasure hunt will take you to a fun, creative or beautiful place outdoors. Geocaches range from very small (like a film canister) to large (such as a metal lunch box). Many are camouflaged, but they are not buried. Geocaches hold things like a log book to sign your name, tradable items for kids and adults, and more. 

Learn more about geocaching by visiting the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.
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Walk the Wilderness Challenge

Take the challenge to Walk the Wilderness! Complete a hike on every Missouri City trail and receive a cool prize! Record dates completed on the hike log and turn in completed forms to the Recreation & Tennis Center!

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Trout Fishing Competition
Trout Fishing Competition
January 1-February 28
American Legion Park (4015 Lexington Blvd)
Cost: Free

Did you know Missouri City has Golden Trout? These are the result of a rainbow trout cross-breeding with the West Virginia Golden Trout & can be found in our parks!

Go fishing for rainbow trout & the rare golden yellow trout. If you catch your daily limit (5 trout) or a yellow trout, take a picture and submit for a chance to win a prize! Learn more about this competition and rules.